Happy New Year! January 1 2017

Happy New Year! January 1 2017
Sending my wishes for each of you to experience all you ever dream of.

I am so pleased to receive this installation photo of one of my paintings – it came to my email just over a week ago. A great way to greet the new year. The title is “Random Acts: My Piece of the Sky” from my Random Acts series where I explore apparently random markmaking to experience a sense of order or poetic meaning which is also expressed through the title.

Now to sit down and review my NY resolutions for 2017 – one is to update more often here in WordPress. So stay tuned.

Installation of Kathryn Arnold's art

Installation of Kathryn Arnold’s art

What’s Going on in the Studio? August 29 2016


Golden Thread by Kathryn Arnold, Mixed Media on Paper, 60 x 115 inches.

I have been working on some black and white works on paper and will put together a gallery soon.

This work – 60 inches high by 115  inches wide  – actually I began this a little while ago but feel like  it is now ready to view.

The title is Golden Thread and it is mixed media on paper with collage. It has some embedded paper cranes with a string of golden thread and subtle words.


My work is currently installed at the Ritz-Carlton at Lake Tahoe. August 2016 – October 2016. Here are some installation photos.

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Above is a slideshow. Each work is by me, Kathryn Arnold and are oil on stretched canvas. It begins with It’s About Being 66 x 83″, continues to Distinction #2 60 x 90″, and then moves to Color Dynamics 54 x 72 and then to the passageway installation view. They are curated by Slate Art. Here is their website – feel free to contact them or me with any questions. http://www.slateart.net/Home/Index/163 .

And here is the address of the hotel if indeed you can go and view these works!


My work installed @Infinity Towers lobby, San Francisco April through July 27, 2016

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These are a couple of photographs of my work installed @Infinity Towers lobby, San Francisco during April through July 27, 2016. The works just came down yesterday. This is Beach at Santa Cruz, an oil painting 54 x 60″ inspired by my imagination!


Installation of Commissioned Artworks

I realized today while reviewing my artwork work database that I never posted this image of a private commission. It was such a great experience to create these works. Hope you enjoy!


Artwork commission installed in private residence

Just in from the recent past! a couple of exhibition images from Sandra lee Gallery group exhibition.

While browsing through and working with my artwork images this morning I cam upon 2 that I had not shared. These works are supremely framed, are small 18 x 18″ and are from my  “The Poet” series, a set of works inspired by Basho, a haiku poet from the Edo period in Japan.

kathryn arnold 18 x 18 inche framed oil on canvas poet series

Two of kathryn arnold’s 18 x 18″ oil on canvas paintings installed at exhibition at Sandra Lee Gallery, San Francisco during December 2015 and January 2016.

at exhibition

Viewer looking at 2 paintings by Kathryn Arnold hanging at Sandra lee Gallery in December 2015 and January 2016/ group exhibition.


Hiroshige, One Hundred Views of Edo #040. “Basho’s Hermatage and Camellia Hill on the Kanda Aqueduct at Sekiguchi” (Image source Brooklyn Museum/ Wikipedia)



Please join me – Triton Auction and Gala is this evening, May 7, 2016


I have contributed a small work titled “Inward” 16 x 20″ acrylic on paper for the auction – all proceeds go towards the support of this great Museum located in Santa Clara (Silicon Valley), California.

There is a companion piece with this work; regrettably only one contribution per artist for this event.

The Gala and Auction are tonight; hope you can join me!  The link above has the information you need such as address and time.

"Inward" by Kathryn Arnold, acrylic on paper, framed under glass with black frame

“Inward” by Kathryn Arnold, acrylic on paper, framed under glass with black frame