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November 5, 2009
by kathryn arnold

Patricia Sweetow Gallery
Markus Linnenbrink – Everythingeverywhereallthetime
Lauren Cohen – If Painting Is Dead I Am The Air Bomb That Blew It

Nice work up at Patricia Sweetow and Linnenbrink is becoming a regular. His newest work, still built with epoxy resin and color, takes on additional shapes and textures. Stacks and piles, along with a floor installation, embedded circles appearing in wall works and the continuing stripes are predominant. I am a fan of the stripes having worked through Albers Interaction of Color during my undergrad life and these stripes take on qualities all of their own. One striped work, which I think is titled Blanquitos, takes on more neutralized color qualities and seems to be an interesting addition to the other brilliantly hued works. The surface textures combined with hues mesmerize.

Markus Linnenbrink

Markus Linnenbrink at Patricia Sweetow Gallery, November 5, 2009

Cohen’s works in the smaller area bring to mind naïve and/or primitive art forms with the sharply defined figures with bright colors against a neutral ground. Messages appear to be a part of the works – they seem to play with social constructs. Multiple figures abound in many of the works I note and are engaged in various activities.

George Krevsky Gallery
Lawrence Ferlinghetti

by kathryn arnold
Entering into Krevsky Gallery this evening I am overwhelmed by the numbers of guests, all of them waiting for the artist to arrive. I wait also, but must have missed his arrival. It is such a real delight to be able to see so many of Ferlinghetti’s works up in one location and they confront me with the seriousness this artist brings to the table. The rapid play of paint and color create forms as if by complete spontaneous generation. I am struck by their relationships to both Joan Brown and Edward Munch. As I go into the back room, there are drawings and photographs. I am enthralled by one that is titled Whistler’s Daughter, a rapidly, or so it seems, drawn piece on yellowed newsprint. I run into a friend observing the photographs. She falls in love with one of Ferlinghetti high up on a light pole, with hands as if praying to the street sign labeled Jack Kerouac. “It is so San Francisco”, I say to her and she selects it for purchase. What a nice evening to experience some of the taste of San Francisco and its Beat Generation heritage.

image of ferlinghetti artwork

image of ferlinghetti artwork