My work has now been installed over at

500 Terry A Francois Blvd
Mission Bay, San Francisco, CA 94158

(curated by Jan Casey and Associates, SF)

I am exhibiting 12 paintings through around March 10.

The building is a beautiful building with a gorgeous interior space – hope you will go by to see!

Here is a photo of another one of the works: (I’ll post the others in nearing days.) This work is 72 x 72″ oil on canvas.

It is titled:

“Law of the Poem (Cortazar) ”

full title is part of his poem:
“Bitter price of the perfect poem
Precisely 9 syllables per line
not one too many or one too few,
and they’ll cite you if it does not rhyme.
We are the cards dealt between 2 fires,
the chess game rivers are known to play,
we win or lose with our heads or tails
at every turn of the curving way.
The words fall into lines of verses,
weeping pours into our memories,
night falls, bids fall, everything plunges,
earthward through the air muffling the cries.”


Law of the Poem (Cortazar) by Kathryn Arnold, 72 x 72″, oil on canvas