I am thrilled to be included in the SFO TERMINAL 1 PREQUALIFIED ARTISTs SELECTION connected with sfac (San Francisco Arts Commission). For this, I submitted a few of my 100! (100 factorial) works – which create the concept of infinity in physical form.  The panel consisted of Amy Ellingson, Regina Almaguer, and Susan Pontious. This is a thank you to Amy Ellingson, Regina Almaguer, and Susan Pontious!


So totally looking forward to the possibility of presenting my work in a form fitting for SFO Terminal 1.
“I wish I may, I wish I might,
Have this wish I wish tonight.”
100! The Silver Lining in the studio, Kathryn Arnold

100! The Silver Lining in the studio, Kathryn Arnold, oil on canvas

Here is a link that explains more about my 100! series.


Below is the criteria which was used for selection:

“Voting consisted of “Yes/No” majority votes based on the criteria of Artistic Excellence. Artistic Excellence is illustrated through quality of craftsmanship, mastery of skills and techniques, professional approaches to processes and presentation, and/or communication of a unique vision or perspective”