On May 6th went to see Matisse/Diebenkorn exhibition at the sfmoma/enamored with the color – of interest their palettes which I find to be quite amazing/ might borrow to provide some limitations…one statement I read was that Diebenkorn had completed 66 large scale paintings in about a year and a half. To me that’s unbelievable/ but doesn’t mean it is not true!!! Just very difficult to imagine.

I also spent time with Larry Sultan’s Here and Home exhibition at the same museum – overwhelmed with feeling when I viewed his ‘family photos’ and his large scale renditions of the same . I guess because they just felt so ‘real’ and ‘genuine’/ but I actually don’t know if that was it – (also very southern california feeling which i love/ I could have stayed with them all day)

now so looking forward to the edvard munch works coming in June/ a fav

So beginning new series, appropriating color from diebenkorn (thereby matisse?) for now …interesting experiment …next will it be pantone color swatches? haha we’ll see . This is my summer work/ largest one will be 4 x 5’

Here is my initial search for color:


Just getting started/ will post photos as they become available