While browsing through and working with my artwork images this morning I cam upon 2 that I had not shared. These works are supremely framed, are small 18 x 18″ and are from my  “The Poet” series, a set of works inspired by Basho, a haiku poet from the Edo period in Japan.

kathryn arnold 18 x 18 inche framed oil on canvas poet series

Two of kathryn arnold’s 18 x 18″ oil on canvas paintings installed at exhibition at Sandra Lee Gallery, San Francisco during December 2015 and January 2016.

at exhibition

Viewer looking at 2 paintings by Kathryn Arnold hanging at Sandra lee Gallery in December 2015 and January 2016/ group exhibition.


Hiroshige, One Hundred Views of Edo #040. “Basho’s Hermatage and Camellia Hill on the Kanda Aqueduct at Sekiguchi” (Image source Brooklyn Museum/ Wikipedia)