I totally love this! I cannot wait to try out these apps in the studio, Kathryn(Thank you, Sergio)

Sergio Gomez at work Sergio Gomez working on One Dolor at NMMA

A couple years ago, I had a wonderful conversation with author Dr Cecilia Gonzalez-Andrieu who was writing about my work for a chapter in her new book (Bridge to Wonder). We were discussing the importance of documenting the art making progress. I had never paid serious attention to it until then.  She explained how important it is for those doing research about an artist to have a wealth of documentation into the art making process. After that conversation, I decided to be more proactive at documenting not only the finish work but also my process with photographs, writings and videos. I would like those who will study my work after I am long gone to have an in-depth view of my process.

Although most artists will never have the opportunity to have a professional two-hour documentary of of their life…

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