It seems as if putting the exhibition together and the installation was forever ago even though just barely over a week. The reception was a pleasure; it gave me opportunity to see many friends and meet new ones. Below are some installation shots of the exhibition before the opening began. The exhibition is up through the 29th of March 2014. If you are close by and missed the opening please still go. Let me know if you’d like to meet up at the gallery to discuss the works in person as i would be happy to.

It’s nice to be able to exhibit a few of my architectural sized pieces in the gallery space. They don’t feel that large here adorning these walls.

I feel I write better than I speak in regards to my work and may begin to write more.

Artist Statement: Kathryn Arnold

The paintings are a result of intuitive nonobjective processes and contain my search for visual “magic”. The sense of touch and chaotic energy of color and marks play an important role in building up layers that function to create and encompassing, enveloping field and bewildering space. The grid at times becomes a reference point and the intrinsic relating of parts form poetry; an interplay between subjective and objective realities.

*”2.Any mysterious, seemingly inexplicable power or influence; as, the “magic” of love.” (webster)