The few weeks of venturing off the beaten path have now come to a halt. I went to see the tallest mountain in mainland US, paid tribute at Manzanar, pursued a number of mountain hikes and have eaten good food with family – this rejuvenation of spirit brings me back to the studio.

I also am inspired to do a bit more writing – just today an email reminder came to me with a question on my Poet’s Awareness work. This is what I replied:

“Poet’s Awareness is from a set of 6 small paintings. They are inspired by the poet Basho, who you may be familiar with, who would roam the countryside many times of the year and write haiku poetry. I am inspired by his poetry and the clarity of the moment each brings. In this work – Poet’s Awareness – I bring a recognition of this clarity which branches multiple art forms.”

“The painting itself would be classified as nonobjective organic abstraction relating to color field works. I work with subtle interplay of colors which interact and weave together to create a sense of organic whole. It is oil on canvas. ”

A Poet's Awareness by Kathryn Arnold, oil on canvas, 18" x 18"

A Poet’s Awareness by Kathryn Arnold, oil on canvas, 18″ x 18″