While reviewing the past year I noted that perhaps I had neglected to share the reviews which I had authored for ArtVoices. It was a blast writing for them and I hope to be invited to write for them again in the near future and perhaps additional art publications as well.

Here is a link to review the writings:

The first one listed is a review of a curated group exhibition at Mark Wolfe Contemporary:

Controlled Environments
April 2012 Written by Kathryn Arnold
“Featuring: Kim Keever, Davida Nemeroff, Christine Nguyen Heidi Norton and Wintergarden, Ltd. Mark Wolfe Contemporary Art, San Francisco, CA. This carefully planned and executed exhibition is inspiring and memorable. The variety of works – ranging from video to installation and from an actual slideshow to c-prints – engage one’s imagination and raise curious questions. The […]”
Read more …http://artvoicesmagazine.com/2012/04/controlled-environments/

The second one listed is on Matt Keegan’s “Lengua” exhibition at Altman Siegel.

Matt Keegan: Lengua
April 2012 Written by Kathryn Arnold

“Altman Siegel Gallery, San Francisco This is an exhibition with words portrayed either in text or image; many are cut- away letterforms die-cast from the substrate surface material; in this case, steel. These are artworks with language, not the Duchampion ideal but with an affinity to Bruce Nauman and John Baldessari. Yet contrary to Bruce […]”
Read more … http://artvoicesmagazine.com/2012/04/matt-keegan-lengua/

The third one listed is on Seamus Conley “Space Case” at Andrea Schwartz:

Seamus Conley: Space Case
February 2012 Written by Kathryn Arnold

Andrea Schwartz Gallery, San Francisco, CA. Magical stardust moments within haunting landscapes seemingly lit by the full moon on often large-scale canvases in oil are included in this exhibition of Seamus Conley’s work at Andrea Schwartz Gallery in San Francisco. A vagabond, seen traveling up a rocky moonlit pass in one painting says it all, […]
Read more … http://artvoicesmagazine.com/2012/02/seamus-conley-space-case/

The fourth one listed is on Brett Amory’s “Allegories of the Human Figure”:

Brett Amory: Allegories of the Human Figure
February 2012 Written by Kathryn Arnold

Sandra Lee Gallery, San Francisco, CA. Brett Amory exhibits multiple oil on wood panel paintings from his Waiting series in the group exhibition “Allegories of the Human Figure” at the Sandra Lee Gallery in San Francisco. On view are two new large-scale paintings with Amory’s signature style softly lit solitary figures amid the language of […]
Read more …http://artvoicesmagazine.com/2012/02/allegories-of-the-human-figure/
(a note – there is a misspelling in the actual article which I worked on getting corrected but alas, it did not happen; my apologies to Brett)

Other writings on art and artists are in this WordPress Blog notably my post on Kenney Mencher’s work:


and my post on Hanna Regev’s curated exhibition titled “It’s Thought that Counts – The Seduction of Duchamp”:


Others on my WordPress blog are:




The above three were written first for Alan Bamberger’s http://www.artbusiness.com and then later moved to my WordPress site. Many more reviews, many of them short first impressions of the art, are on http://www.artbusiness.com . You can locate them all by using Google’s search and type in Kathryn Arnold and then artbusiness.com and they will each pop up. I’m warning you, there are quite a few!

So my newest art writing project which will begin next year is to create a new blog which focuses on artwork in exhibitions in San Francisco and perhaps beyond and the materials and methods (processes) used in creating the artwork. And maybe more. Am still thinking of a great name for the new blog – any ideas, please send my way.