Muted Intel by Kathryn Arnold

“Muted Intel”, by Kathryn Arnold, oil on canvas, approx. 4′ x 5′

Just two days ago I signed part of a new series of works completed just before heading out of town (towards the end of May). You might notice a desaturation of hue – in fact, these works are about just that. They relate to ideas of fogginess/clarity. There is less color contrast due to the desaturation aspects – to get this to happen I used graphite gray, black, zinc white and titanium white. With less color contrast and value (refers to light/dark) contrast the marks and shapes are less clear, dissolving into one another. Not only relating to a natural occurrence in nature but also an analogy of human experience.

It Takes 22 by kathryn Arnold

“It Takes 22”, by Kathryn Arnold, oil on canvas, approx 4′ x 5′

My trip out of town took me to Spain and Italy where I had opportunity to view much art and architecture. Pictures will be posted off and on throughout the next month. Regrettably, many museums there allow no photography.

The SF MOMA Artist’s Gallery was successful – it is always a great event!