just felt like yesterday when i posted the shot of my studio but it is almost one month later. some photos to put up but not today. Invited to submit a review to ArtVoices (NY,LA, New Orleans) and focusing on that. also some writing for artbusiness.com. Mainly creating a project space in the studio – almost 400 sq feet with 14 ft ceilings. Concrete floor. Sheetrocked walls. No furniture. Empty space. To do this no simple feat but requiring me to move a number of things (like paintings and a painting rack) and dismantle a few others. But it is nearly complete. Also cleaned up the painting area of the studio which also required moving a number of things – feeling now like i can get back to work. The small pieces on canvas are waiting for me, tacked to the wall, 3 across, 3 down (9) and one to the side making 10 – plus wish to begin what i imagine will be my last 100! sets – one on paper and one on canvas. While thinking of that realized the twitter feed work was never photographed. Which means reinstalling – also a major feat. But luckily for me the project space has room now. The project space I hope will house workshops, shared studio time, exhibitions and short-term rental agreements. Possibly more – want to continue the ‘Present identity’ series. One of my facebook friends commented that it was perhaps creating space in a mental way as well – feels like it. We’ll see.