River Landscape with a Sailboat by Saloman van Ruysdael

River Landscape with a Sailboat by Saloman van Ruysdael, image from Legion of Honor Museum, SF

This exhibition is up only through October 2 and is a real must-see.

Before I fall asleep this evening a quick mention of the beautiful exhibition up at Legion of Honor Museum in SF where the above image is from. Titled Dutch and Flemish Masterworks from the Rose-Marie and Eijk van Otterloo Collection works are from the 1600s, including a Rembrandt portrait. So worth seeing – the waterscapes filled with grays, blues, foggy elements, snow (see most recent earlier post) drew me in. Still lives noticebly presenting an earlier vision of consumer culture when tulips were the rage. Compositions with multiple individualized figures – so Brueghel-esque…and there was one by the elder. Snow scenes – seemingly a rarity – bits of white paint scattered on the surface.

I am not sure where one can view a collection like this in the nearby area and the directors at legion have done it again – i love them for adding an element of enlightenment to my life.

Mostly quiet works, intimately painted and not barely one i did not stand in front of. Glassy silky surfaces with all of the trademarks of Dutch painting from the 1600s. Lots of sky. A room filled with waterscapes dreams on in my mind as it connected so with my visions of neutrals.

Arriving early before the crowds who were there when I left. Picked up the exhibition book so later on will examine the nuances of tones and neutrals.