Each month many of the galleries in san francisco hold their exhibition openings into the early evening hours on what is now known to be First Thursdays. It was great to go out last Thursday, view art and run into friends. I have sent along some art writing to Alan who does artbusiness.com and if publishes will post a link.

This time I took some time to spend time with the art. I did not make it into as many galleries as planned but the experience was worth it. There is something that can happen while viewing art – a sense of time standing still and then later, greater visual awareness to colors, sights along with sounds and emotions. Like the ability to see inward and outward at the same time. And a strong sense of being alive and being humanly present.

While viewing the Modernism JACQUES VILLEGLE; Décollages from the 1960s to 1990s I ran into friends who had seen his work years ago in Paris. I feel for each of us, it brought a nostalgic sense of when each of us had been in Paris. The words were in French, the shredded paper gave a strong quality of urban life, decay and the past as the underlying elements appeared. Seeing a quoted image of Dubuffet’s was like seeing an old friend.