Just recently completed a set of works which revisit my use of the grid and also contain tribute to artists before me (such as the interior of the grid in “Distinction” is a subtle tribute to Chuck Close – hopefully not so subtle no one sees what I mean!) . Posted here are the three large ones, two being around 63″ x 78″ and one is 66 x 90″ (all three about two years in the making) plus 3 detail images of the same. The titles are descriptive titles yet also create inference to how I understood what the works were about as they were being created. Additional works in this series wll be posted in the near future.

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"Hover" by kathryn arnold

"Hover", kathryn arnold, 6h x 78"

Detail of "Hover" by kathryn Arnold

Detail of "Hover" by kathryn Arnold

Distinction by kathryn arnold

Distinction, kathryn arnold, 66 x 90", oil on vanvas

Detail of Distinction by Kathryn Arnold

Detail of "Distinction", Kathryn Arnold

blue to green by kathryn arnold

"blue to green", kathryn arnold, 63 x 78", oil on canvas

Detail of "blue to green", kathryn arnold

Detail of "blue to green", kathryn arnold