You are invited to view an exhibition of my work currently on display. There are four large paintings on view. This exhibition is curated by Casey& Associates, SF and is inside the TIAA-CREF building Lobby at 50 Fremont in San Francisco’s Financial District. You may walk in to view the paintings almost anytime. Be sure to take in the one down the long hallway of elevators. The work will be on exhibit until a week after Thanksgiving.

Leveling the Clouds, kathryn arnold

Leveling the Clouds, kathryn arnold, 8' x 4'6”

Leveling the Clouds

Dialogue Too Late, Kathryn Arnold

Dialogue Too Late, Kathryn Arnold, 72'x61”, oil on canvas

Dialogue Too Late

Similar Feelings by Kathryn Arnold

Similar Feelings, Kathryn Arnold, 66'x72”, oil on canvas

Similar Feelings

briefly entwined by kathryn arnold

briefly entwined, kathryn arnold, 4'x5.5”, oil on canvas

Briefly Entwined

You can view some photos of the exhbition at