A post to invite you, if you are in the Bay Area or will be in San Francisco this weekend, the weekend of october 16 and 17, to visit my studio. I am particpating this year with artspan’s open studio program.

My studio is located at 301 8th street, suite #245 in South of Market district. (The entrance is located on 8th street with a buzzable directory) The cross streets are Folsom and 8th. When you arrive, please follow the directions to buzz sky4u0 which is 019 and I will buzz you in. If something goes wrong you can als call my studio phone number 415 863 8531.

I am exhibiting works from my Primordial Passages series which consists of some large and small paintings on canvas along with additional works on paper. Below is one painting that will be on display.

whirling mantis

whirling mantis, kathryn arnold, 48\

Inspired by the writings and research of Victor Papanek who investigates the beginnings of our fascination with painting, I am currently working with ideas of passages and implied mystery using a variety of landscape qualities, such as the large-scale horizontal format, in this set of works. The colors, textures and lighting relate to a internal or primeval sense of place and passages of times of day that mark our existence and assist with creating this linkage. Pulling from the concept of the ‘heroic’ landscape in terms of scale yet simultaneously pulling away from that cultural aspect informs these works as they incorporate large expanses of marks and color. The sense of touch (how we first experience the world) and chaotic energy of color and marks play an important role in building up layers that function to create and encompassing, enveloping field and the bewildering space experienced in those without an implied horizon line.

copyright kathryn arnold 2010