I recently met Paul Shampine in our online arts community when he invited myself and other artists to candidly share their inspirations for creating. There are six artists’ excerpts here, (including mine) and also including Paul’s. It’s good reading and I think there will be more in the future so you may wish to check back.


Paul’s newest series is related to Pods. http://paulshampine.com/ and http://paulshampine.wordpress.com/pod-series/ I particulary find these of interest because of my recent reference to the pods at the top of Pompidou center in Restaurant Georges.https://kathrynarnold.wordpress.com/2010/01/21/restaurant-georges-top-floor-of-pompidou-center-and-the-white-out/ His idea of embryonic armor enhances the meaning of the pods at pompidou where they enclose clusters of people or create enclosures for functions. Both use shiney silvery surface that reflects light. Please enjoy checking his work out!