As much as I wanted to go to the event Collage-a-rama this evening at the nearby ARC studios I determined I should work with my sketchbook for The Sketchbook Project.
For this project I am using a new medium made by Faber-Castell, the Pitt artist pens
which are india ink pens in multitude of colors. Many of the colors are lightfast, and they are waterproof ink. I became inspired to try these out from a video of an artist in a train, creating one sketch and drawing after another. Choose Don Pitt video (chicago artist) from this link
to view.
While I work on these sketches, new ideas are developing for new work, which could be classified as happenstance – looked that up before using, means circumstance plus chance.
Hopefully soon I will have some images to post but for now, back to work! Next month I will make collages at Arc.