Beginning the evening of May 5 (2010) and running through Sunday May 9th, a spectacular event is happening at the SF MOMA Artists Gallery in San Francisco. See Artists Gallery for dates and times.

I will have a ‘Show Special’ titled “How To Fly” (30.5 x 72.5, oil on canvas, framed) hanging and then 3 works on paper (in the ‘works on paper’ area).

Please go by to see. This is a main Artists Gallery fundraiser promoting their work with the arts in San Francisco. I will be there Wednesday evening for the big event!

How To Fly

How To Fly, oil on canvas, 30.5 x 72.5, kathryn arnold

The following are the works on paper:

#20 in A minor (after Chopin)

#20 in A minor (after Chopin), monoprint, 30 x 20, kathryn arnold

"...partial expression of poetry...: (Bergsen)

"...partial expression of poetry...: (Bergsen), digital creation/print, kathryn arnold, not larger than 21 x 17"

Kelp Wave

Kelp Wave, acrylic on paper, 29 x 41.5", kathryn arnold