Grid with White Field : Inner Sound, kathryn arnold

Grid on White Field : Inner Sound, kathryn arnold, 63"hx55"w

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Headed over to the studio but before I went, putting up an image (or two) from my white painting series. The motivation for this group (since typically my paintings use vivid color) is to see what happens when the field/ground is muted. Thinking of Robert Ryman. The subtlety of color brings about a varying form of awareness. (Ryman’s, in my interpretation, brings this sensation about by formal relationships). This set of subtle works, with the larger ones containing soft grids, creates a type of awareness / visual experience without a lot of background activity. I find this an interesting concept to work with at least for this moment. They are very hard to photograph – I have done my best. The 3 larger works are 63 x 55″ and the smaller ones are 24 x 24 and 20 x 20. I will post more later on.