‘after Cortazar – in form of Hopscotch’ is the next in my series of 100 piece works. In it, I have included multiple twitter feeds (of my own) and inserted them into hand-drawn text bubbles along with some hand-drawn text.

The overall idea is a non-linear book/text that can be read in any direction, forwards, backwards or just jumping around as in Cortazar’s Hopscotch. Unlike Cortazar’s novel, my non-linear text is not a narrative exactly, but mirrors our route today in acquiring information/ even storylines by this hop, skip, and jump method. The work is 100″ x 100″ when assembled as you see here. (The work on the right is the next one to complete.)

This ‘after Cortazar – in form of Hopscotch’ piece is on paper, using mixed medias and copy and paste from twitter and more and also additional collaged elements.

So much for words, I hope you enjoy. Feedback is enjpoyed.

I hope your days are great and love it that you have visited my blog. Thank you.

If you would like to exhibit this work and/or others, please contact me using my email on http://www.kathrynarnold.com.


After Cortazar - in the form of Hopscotch

After Cortazar - in the form of Hopscotch, 100\