All of my winter January classes were cancelled this year due to california budget crisis’s effect on higher ed so i took the opportunity to travel.

I just returned last evening from europe journey where i mainly was in paris and bruges. delightful! I have over 1000 images to share that over the next few weeks will post to both here and flckr. Probably not all of them!

Felt like an art pilgramage and gave me opportunity to practice my french speaking abilities. Along with, of course, viewing the very great and magnificent historical works in the many museums – the pompidou has an exhibition on their 4th floor of all women artists – all contemporary but a few who are no longer with us. I really got into the contemporary video works. More on this later – I took some short clips of them and will be posting them in wordpress if i can get the technology to work for me and make sure I have the artists’ names.

i totally fell in love with the numerous van eycks, memlings and more that i saw…the museums like groeninge and jacquemart-andre do not let you take photos however so i do not have the images from those museums…and i saw a full size pieter bruegel to die for (le massacre des innocents a bethleem) at jacquemart-andre. also saw a small bosch alterpiece (not in france but at belgium’s hospital museum in brugge) which is so very remarkable.

at pompidou contemporary design works, architectural elevations/plans and models are exhibited alongside artworks 1900 and after. SF MOMA does this a similar way but with more separation. Loved seeng this integration of design movements/styles integrated with the finearts in Paris. gave so much inspiration and also an awareness of shared aesthetics/theory. they also have an entire room dedicated to marcel duchamp!

i also was able to see some contemporary work in the galleries at both locations 🙂 overall a great time!