Life in the studio – have spent the last 2 weeks working on my written proposals for a couple of professional activities, wish me luck. I got them taken care of last week and mailed the second one today. It gave me a chance to involve myself in writing in a different way, and it was fun. On Ocotber 31 went to the Duchamp Remake in Healdsburg, about one hour north of san francisco and may do a complete blog article on it. On Thursday November 5th, I want to numerous first Thursday openings for exhibtions in SF galleries. My excerpts on them will be posted at Alan’s as many earlier have been as well – use the link to the right on the page (upper right quadrant) that says something like Gallery Openings. There are tons of photos in there and mentions of multiple galleries in the city.

By the way, this is one of the recent works that I prepared over the weekend..

whirling Mantis

Whirling Mantis, 48\