I am excited about the Gravatar Widget on WordPress and hope to activate mine tomorrow. Along with lots of other ‘stuff’.

I was in Portland, Oregon last weekend and am still playing catchup. From Oregon I have photographs from the River Gorge and also from just below Mt Hood. It is still very green on the east side of the mountains and snow covers Mt Hood which rises in almost hallucinatory fashion along the horizon – seemingly from almost everywhere. Mt St Helens is also visible – of course if you live in Portland, you already know this!

The Portland Art Museum was a great place – their collection of Modern and Contemporary works is very good; I saw works I had never seen before by many Modernist masters plus the newer work gave me opportunity to examine themes and ideas and artists that i am not seeing in the Bay Area. Along with their collection they had rooms full of an exhibtion of work from faculty at or who had been at their local art college. I had forgotten that these kinds of opportunities exist in this type of community.

Also visited a few of the local galleries – more information on that will arrive soon.

Had an excellent time and fell in love with the city!