Ken Goldberg: screen shot of mementomori, 1998 - ongoing, web-based installation.

Above: Ken Goldberg: screen shot of mementomori, 1998 - ongoing, web-based installation.

what was it about today’s panel that i found
so inspiring? this is the question i am asking
myself – what made me feel alive and connected?
what caused me to feel that there are endless
possibilites within our grasps?

It is not just that this work on exhibtion is singularly
brilliant – that, yes, 100%!

This is a must-see projection!

yet also the ideas
and concepts related to collecting and preserving
visual culture, not losing even a subtle aspect
of who we are at this time, at this place, I felt
as so important today – the experience of being ‘in’
collective history.

Part of the excitement/inspiration/active muses
came with the range of possibilities conencted
with web based art that were discussed, however
briefly, today.

Another aspect is the title ‘momentomori’, with its
basis in classical art ie art history renaissance,
caused us in both audience and panel,
seemingly collectively, to question
what happens to web based works when
the internet ends – moves
into something not yet imagined. So this momento
mori piece has within it (seismac waves in real time)
along with using a medium that will need to be
kept alive for the experience of the work.

Along with perhaps the sense that in preserving
visual culture, we are not preserving it for ourselves.

The audience was comprised of collectors,
museum directors, gallery directors along with
new media artists. I went for two reasons:
one, because I am into ideas of new media/computer
technology in art and two, which is the main reason,
I am a fan of Ken Goldberg’s work.

First Catharine Clark introduced the panel. Not as if in passing,
but prepared and full of substance. The panel was made
up of professional creatives (listed below)
and one of them being a totally passionate collector. All were
prepared with content and ideas tied into the work and also
with ideas connected to collecting such work and preserving
such work.

the followng from Catharine Clark Gallery email:
“Panel Discussion
Collecting the Uncollectable
Saturday, May 16, 12–1pm

In light of the ground breaking acquisition
of the internet-based earthwork, mementomori,
the gallery has invited the collector,
Theo Armour, to join the San Francisco Museum
of Modern Art’s Curator of Media Arts,
Rudolf Frieling; Berkeley Art Museum’s Digital
and Media Director and Adjunct Curator,
Richard Rinehart; and the artist Ken Goldberg
to discuss the particular issues pertaining to
the collection of internet art at the private
and institutional level.
The panel will kick off the opening of
both exhibitions. It is free, and open to the public. ”

I can only add, I perceived i was in the right place
at the right time.