I am completing some recent grading –
I not only work as an artist but
also teach art studio and art history in the bay area.

I may in just a bit traverse over to the ICA which is
close to my campus (DT SJ) to learn a bit
more about video art – something I have
not really done except with after effects
and not sure if that can be called “video art’!

Here is the information:
Kathryn Arnold tonight in san jose, video art program http://www.sjica.org/talkingart08-09.htm
Jonn Herschend, 7 pm
Talking Art: Working as an Artist in the Bay Area
Source: http://www.sjica.org
Panel discussion series on the business
of being a working artist in the Bay Area

The ICA has good programs with their panels
and printmaking studios.

I have made some monoprints there and am
considering to participate in their monoprint
marathon again this year – but would like to find
a corporate sponser.

Here is one of the monoprints I have done at the ICA: