New Work With Green , kathryn arnold

New Work With Green , kathryn arnold

The larger image is one of the new 4′ x 5′ works
I have been developing in the studio.
I feel it relates to the city sounds
outside of my studio window in sf.
But yet, may be more than that –
note the ‘nature’ green.</…

my friend Robert Stanley and I had
some comments on green in art recently
and i decided to take the challenge…
he did to0 – in his appropriation of
picasso’s muskateer (sp is incorrect!)
however not sure that is what he was
thinking about.

The day i was working on this I got a parking
ticket, $60! what was
i thinking to not move the car
after i saw them – the ‘meter maid’ –
come by the first time.

Mousquetaire, Nature, et Aujourd’hui
computer 10×18 in
by Robert Stanley

Robert Stanley and Green