Reaching for the Sun by Kathryn Arnold, 8' x 4'6"

Reaching for the Sun by Kathryn Arnold, 8' x 4'6"








about my current series, Passages

Passages Artist Statement Kathryn Arnold

I am currently working with ideas of passages and implied mystery
using a variety of landscape qualities, such as the large-scale
horizontal format, in this set of works. The colors, textures and
lighting relate to an internal or primeval sense of place and passages
of times of day that mark our existence and assist with creating this
linkage. Pulling from the concept of the ‘heroic’ landscape in terms
of scale for the 8″ works, yet simultaneously pulling away from that
cultural aspect , informs these works as they incorporate large
expanses of marks and color. The sense of touch (how we
first experience the world – Foucalt_sp?)) and chaotic energy
of color and marks play an important role in building up layers
that function to create and encompassing, enveloping field and
the bewildering space experienced in those with an implied horizon line.

I draw upon my connections with the abstractions of the postmodern
German painters: their lushly painted surfaces and energy-producing
seemingly spontaneous vivid relationships of colors and movement,
organic material with physical qualities, and romanticist fields. I
use the tangible qualities of mark-making and surfaces to evoke
or possibly create romanticist spirit and presence.

From Victor Papanek “…humans may have an imprinted preference
for winding paths that provide “mystery” and “give the impression
that one could acquire new information if one were to travel deeper
into the scene.”…An argument could be made that it also informs
haptic satisfaction we derive from viewing a painting……In the case
of mystery, the new information is not present; it is only suggested
or implied. …there is a strong element of continuity…”

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