End of Summer 2017

As the end of summer rapidly approaches in California, I will be taking photos up my recent work in the near future. Spent much of the summer embedded in my temporary studio and now have a few works left to complete. Such a good feeling to be able to have such a great amount of focus for a few months. The work here is a small piece 20 x 30″ OP (Ocean park) 79 from my Diebenkorn series. A few more finishing elements will be filtering in. Pretty soon need to seriously begin looking for a new studio – got priced out (triple rent increase) of the one I had been in for 15 years. I dreamed about it last night so know it is time.
O.P. 79 by kathryn arnold
O.P. 79 by kathryn arnold

Links to Artworks August 2017


So I have been in the process of updating my work online as much as I can. It is a process that may span a few weeks. Hope you enjoy!

Main website:


Second key website:




Sandra Lee Gallery




Absolute Arts


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Jessup Cellars Gallery


This Summer July 2017

This summer 2017 I am spending a bit of time working out in the sierra foothills. I begin my day at 5:30 AM to focus on my work. Although I am sorely missing the city (S.F.), I will immerse myself once I return.

I’ve completed the Diebenkorn series of 7 works of various sizes where I appropriate his color palette. Below is my rather small  20 x 30″ OP (Ocean park) 79. Not sure if the colors will show correctly and it is still wet:

O.P. 79 by kathryn arnold

O.P. 79 by kathryn arnold


Diebenkorn's Ocean park #79

Diebenkorn’s Ocean park #79

Here is where I discuss my desire to complete this group of works: https://kathrynarnold.wordpress.com/2017/05/16/may-16-2017-just-an-update/

I was doing a search today for my page in Flash Art International Diary and ran across this quote in Virginia Woolf’s diary “had a moment of the old rapture…there was the old excitement, even in that old extravagant flash…” so had to order the book this was in “The Complete Shorter Fiction of Virginia Woolf” to find the entire segment on p 308 as this segment was intensely inspiring to me and rather coincidental that I came across it.

Here are some things I am seeing in my temporary environs/ quite different than my usual.

Spider suspended

Spider suspended (it’s eating a cricket)


blooming cactus

blooming cactus (it only bloomed for one day)


Please be invited to view my paintings and drawings at http://artistkathrynarnold.com/

I am thrilled to be included in the SFO TERMINAL 1 PREQUALIFIED ARTISTs SELECTION (2017)

I am thrilled to be included in the SFO TERMINAL 1 PREQUALIFIED ARTISTs SELECTION connected with sfac (San Francisco Arts Commission). For this, I submitted a few of my 100! (100 factorial) works – which create the concept of infinity in physical form.  The panel consisted of Amy Ellingson, Regina Almaguer, and Susan Pontious. This is a thank you to Amy Ellingson, Regina Almaguer, and Susan Pontious!


So totally looking forward to the possibility of presenting my work in a form fitting for SFO Terminal 1.
“I wish I may, I wish I might,
Have this wish I wish tonight.”
100! The Silver Lining in the studio, Kathryn Arnold

100! The Silver Lining in the studio, Kathryn Arnold, oil on canvas

Here is a link that explains more about my 100! series.


Below is the criteria which was used for selection:

“Voting consisted of “Yes/No” majority votes based on the criteria of Artistic Excellence. Artistic Excellence is illustrated through quality of craftsmanship, mastery of skills and techniques, professional approaches to processes and presentation, and/or communication of a unique vision or perspective”

Waiting for the paint to dry (June 3 2017)

Just waiting for the paint to dry with this large work. Should be soon/ perhaps by September.

so far not titled by kathryn arnold, about 5.5 x 7 ft, oil on canvas

so far not titled by kathryn arnold, about 5.5 x 7 ft, oil on canvas

May 16 2017 just an update

On May 6th went to see Matisse/Diebenkorn exhibition at the sfmoma/enamored with the color – of interest their palettes which I find to be quite amazing/ might borrow to provide some limitations…one statement I read was that Diebenkorn had completed 66 large scale paintings in about a year and a half. To me that’s unbelievable/ but doesn’t mean it is not true!!! Just very difficult to imagine.

I also spent time with Larry Sultan’s Here and Home exhibition at the same museum – overwhelmed with feeling when I viewed his ‘family photos’ and his large scale renditions of the same . I guess because they just felt so ‘real’ and ‘genuine’/ but I actually don’t know if that was it – (also very southern california feeling which i love/ I could have stayed with them all day)

now so looking forward to the edvard munch works coming in June/ a fav

So beginning new series, appropriating color from diebenkorn (thereby matisse?) for now …interesting experiment …next will it be pantone color swatches? haha we’ll see . This is my summer work/ largest one will be 4 x 5’

Here is my initial search for color:


Just getting started/ will post photos as they become available

Next paintings are going to KHROME Studios at SF Design Center, thanks to Slate Contemporary! February 2017.

Next my work is going to KHROME Studios at SF Design Center, thanks to Slate Contemporary!

Next week.

If you are interested,  below is contact information.

SFDC, Galleria 310
T: 415-864-0583
F: 415-863-1070

101 Henry Adams Suite 310
San Francisco, CA 94103

You might also contact Slate Contemporary as well as they will work with you:

473 25th, Street Oakland, CA 94612
Email: info@slateart.net
Phone: 510.652.4085

A great way to finalize February 2017.


"Passing Through", 34 x 84 inches wide, oil on canvas by Kathryn Arnold

“Passing Through”, 34 x 84 inches wide, oil on canvas by Kathryn Arnold


"It's About Being", 66 x 83 inches wide, oil on canvas by Kathryn Arnold

“It’s About Being”, 66 x 83 inches wide, oil on canvas by Kathryn Arnold