Morning series, 2 new works by Kathryn Arnold, October 2022 with commentary.

IMG_0379    img_0374

Indelible Morning #1 and 2 by Kathryn Arnold, oil on canvas, each 40 x 30″

These works are part of my morning series, capturing emotive qualities of beginning a new day. Often anticipation of a new day is shrouded by the previous. I ask the question, can one enter into a new state/blank slate of being with each given moment / each given morning? Sometimes it occurs to me that I should only work on this series only in the mornings. These works are built up in layers, each informed by the preceding layer.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or if you are in the Midwest, Duane Reed Gallery represents me and you may also contact him directly.

Here are a couple of details, one from each:

IMG_0381 (1)

Detail of ‘Indelible Morning #2‘ by Kathryn Arnold, oil on canvas, 40 x 30″ 

IMG_0382 (1)

Detail of ‘Indelible Morning #1‘ by Kathryn Arnold, oil on canvas, 40 x 30″

Art For Aids Silent Auction through the 15th of Sept 2022, Live Auction is happening now!

Exciting! This weekend is it!! Please support the ArtForAIDS project. Open bidding now for Silent Auction also an event tonight.

Here is info on my work/ 100% of the sale will go to UCSF Alliance Health Project. This is the link to bid on my painting:

There are also many additional artists who are donating — to see the list and images you can go here:

Visit The Gallery

The Drawing Room

780 Valencia Street, San Francisco

September 9th–15th

11:00am to 9:00pm

Free and open to the public

The 2022 Art for AIDS Artists created this Art = Life exhibition to elevate the lives of those who are silenced, disenfranchised or outcast in our world today. Art for AIDS gives voice and raises funds for life-saving HIV, mental health and substance use care at UCSF Alliance Health Project.

Tonight is the Live Auction. Starts Soon!

You might also be interested in Sept 15

Silent Auction Closes!

Wine & Cocktails by El Rio – Bites – Eager Art Bidding – DJ Juan

Join us for the Closing Party on Friday, September 15th from 6 pm – 9 pm. Sections close every 15 minutes, beginning at 8 pm. Bid, buy and pick up your art.

Plan your night:

Register to Bid for the silent auction.

​Arrive at 780 Valencia between 6pm and 9pm, grab a drink and bites, lord over your silent auction items, socialize, dance.

Finalize your bids.

Pick up your winnings when the auction closes.

The Drawing Room

780 Valencia Street, San Francisco

Thursday, September 15, 6pm–9pm

(If you can’t join us, you can still bid online!)

Title and image of my contribution:

I Wanted To Lie Flowers At His Grave 16 x 20″ oil on canvas by Kathryn Arnold

Please visit 500 Terry Francois, San Francisco to view my large paintings! “It’s About Being” August – September 2022

Below are some installation shots/ in situ. To see larger images of the works please visit kathrynarnold.wordpress which gives titles, sizes, etc.

You may visit anytime especially during business hours M-F. Feel free to contact Jan Casey of Casey and Associates Art Advisors or myself, Kathryn Arnold for any information.

‘it’s about being’, Kathryn Arnold exhibition is up at 500 Terry Francois, San Francisco. Curated by Casey & Associates Art Advisors. August – October 2022

Hope you can go by to visit. The works are not complete until you do! Please feel free to email or text for any information. You may also contact Jan Casey for information also. Casey and Associates Art Advisors.

My paintings feature coincidental, accidental and unexpected connections. Combining unrelated aspects lead to surprising analogies. By experimenting with aleatoric/ i.e. chance processes, I create intense personal moments masterfully created  through  rules and omissions, acceptance and refusal, luring the viewer  into an internally comprehensible narrative through spaces, fields of color and interpretive markings.  Space becomes intuitive aesthetic power. The physical experience of viewing these works is a defining moment. One imagines the human touch, kinetic sensation, chaotic energy – a building, a destruction, a complex, bewildering space – and, at the same time, experience warmth.


2 Winters Ago, from Distant Time/Distant Travels series, oil on canvas 30 x 40″, by kathryn arnold

2 Winters Ago, from Distant Time/Distant Travels series, oil on canvas 30 x 40", by Kathryn Arnold
2 Winters Ago, from Distant Time/Distant Travels series, oil on canvas 30 x 40″, by Kathryn Arnold

This work was painted as part of a diptych collaboration during the dark days of Covid. Taking a darker palette and basing it off of the feeling of the monumental El Capitan in Yosemite Valley shrouded in fog in mid-winter. 

Here they are together.

Below is a 2nd diptych we worked on at the same time. We selected a limited palette which conveyed similar feeling.

We finally were able to see them together at the end of 2021. The SF MOMA Artists Gallery was closing and we met up there to pick up works, and also brought these so we could view them together in the physical realm. Due to the prior Covid period, we had only worked together on this collaboration virtually.

Hope you enjoy!

On left, Irena Kononova, on right, Kathryn Arnold, each work is 40 x 30″ oil on canvas

My work will be up in Art for AIDS auction this Fall 2022.

‘I Wanted To Lay Flowers At His Grave”, Kathryn Arnold, oil on canvas, 16 x 20″

I received good news today. My work has been accepted into the Art for AIDS auction. Here is an image of it in case you want to plan! 100% of the auction price will go to UCSF Alliance Health Project. I will also send out the auction info closer to the time, I believe early this fall. It is 16 x 20″ oil on canvas, ‘i wanted to lay flowers at his grave’. It was created as a commemorative work.

Work from ‘A Distant Time/Distant Travels’

“Atmospheric River” , diptych, from “A Distant Time/Distant Travels’ series 2020-2022

A painting in blues, cyan, seaweed green with a bit of yellow, pink and orange.
“Atmospheric River” from “A Distant Time/Distant Travels’ series 2020-2022, by Kathryn Arnold, oil on canvas, 40 x 60″ , 2 canvasses 40 x 30”

Remember those atmospheric rivers! Seems so long ago as I sit here on the first day of July 2022. This series, “A Distant Time/Distant Travels’ series 2020-2022 is about life during this significant era when the world turned upside down and then again and again. This work is built of with translucent overlays of color developing optical mixing.

Happy Summer Solstice! 2022

Happy Summer Solstice! Once I did this and exhibited a few of these at the Los Angeles College Art Association Exchange exhibition. As you can see, there is one original painting, with an adjacent print of the same work, and then a digital image. The set is titled “opening”.

An oil on canvas painting, 48″ x 48″ titled “Grove of Bamboo” from my new series ‘a distant time, distant travels’ series. June 2022

‘Grove of Bamboo”, 48 x 48″, oil on canvas by Kathryn Arnold

Detail of ‘Grove of Bamboo’ by Kathryn Arnold

New Series of Paintings

Artist Statement for Works Created 2020-2022

Below is one work from this series:

“A Year Ago Last Spring”, by Kathryn Arnold, oil on canvas 48 x 60″

Below is a detail of the work image above.

detail of “A Year Ago Last Spring”, by Kathryn Arnold, oil on canvas 48 x 60″